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I’ll be sticking to websites that can get my property across platforms like Rightmove & Zoopla, like Upad or Open Rent. I’d just like to clarify, just because Tortilla didn’t work for me, it’s not to say it won’t work for anyone else. Update: Tepilo’s website seems to have gone through major renovation since I wrote this review, and it definitely appears to be more functional. I only do it part time, I still hold down a full-time job. If I were interested in a property, I would just call the seller ASAP. It looks like a London sink estate, and it isn't even my road! Have you noticed that you cannot contact anyone on Tortilla? )is long enough for a site like that one to have caught on. Run properly there should be thousands of UK properties listed by now.

However, I still won’t be using their service again, because it doesn’t appear like their service has improved with the redesign – they’ve managed to rack-up quite an impressive collection of horrendous ratings and feedback on Trust Pilot. I was never involved in the property industry before becoming a landlord 4-5 years ago! The 'feedback' thingy either doesn't move at all or just pings back. As you say, it should be easy to log on and navigate. So can you (or anyone else) recommend any of the other online estate agents??!!

Adding a property was tedious, there were just way too many boxes and options to fill in. But that’s a terrible trade-off; I’d put usability way before building a database.

As a landlord, I just want to get my property listed quickly and easily. Lastly, prospective tenants have to register before they can send an enquiry. Anyways, I won’t dwell on it too much, so I’m going to promptly wrap this shizzle up and get on with my day.

Furthermore, the agent's attitude was essentially 'this is our process - tough luck'. By contrast when my wife registering to sell our property the agent couldn't be more helpful (to relieve us of our money). I stubbled upon your site whilst also trying to find out why sarah decided to call the company the Rediculous 'tepilo'I am sorry you had a bad experience with tepilo.'On a hill top in the middle of knowhere where sex with sheep is accustomed'There isn't any reason to be racist to the Welsh-its old, boring, predictable and untrue.Unless Torpedo do something dramatic to beef up lead generation I probably won’t bother using their platform again. Writing this disappointing review actually hurt because I’m a huge Sarah Beeny fan. The so called 'Tepilo Team' as well as the Google photographers are as incompetent as each other.At least, not for trying to fill a vacant rental property. I currently have mascara running down my cheeks, and I think a part of me just died. I hope she understands (I’m confident she does) that vacant properties costs landlords stacks of money, so relying on Torpedo alone to find tenants is financial suicide. I listed a flat for sale in 2010, and had no response until the 'Tepilo Team' (who are rubbish at 'IT') sent me an email TODAY for a viewing, for Mrs so and so. What is the point of leaving a contact number on there if it isn't used? I also listed a house in Surrey at around the same time 2010, complete with lots of really good photos which they(Tepilo)are displaying chopped in half, alongside a dreadful Google street view of all of the vans in the area parked there for the day. If they are IT and Sat' Nav' experts, I am an engineer for the next space ship to planet Keppler B2 (600 light years away).After hearing a lot of hype from all angles about Tepilo, the all-new online letting and online estate agent, I eagerly listed a vacant rental property on their website.Tepilo is the platform created by the wonderful Sarah Beeny, so naturally it’s been heavily promoted with her mug all over the branding.