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In fact, campus representative and Bumble user Charlotte Niemann notes that Bumble is really “eliminating the creepy picky up lines” that appear so frequently in other dating apps.

Additionally, Bumble tries to include a little more information about its users in their profiles, cutting down on more shallow, image-based pairings. As of late January 2015, 60% of matches on Bumble were ending in conversations. With men constantly claiming to feel pressure from society to make the first move, Niemann has been “hearing positive feedback from guys who really appreciate the change of pace Bumble has to offer.” Upon first opening the app, a simple yet powerful message is displayed: “On Bumble, ladies hold the key.” Similarly empowering messages are spread throughout the app.

Spider-Man: Homecoming costars Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating, Us Weekly confirms.

Holland, 21, and Zendaya, 20, play Peter Parker and Michelle, respectively, in the action sci-fi, which is currently in theaters.

You can even create a wives bracket and a separate husbands bracket if you’ve got enough players!

The gold, silver, and bronze medals can be awarded in lots of cute ways.

Try attaching the circles to a ribbon that can be pinned on a shirt, printing them on sticker paper to use as stickers or stringing them to a piece of yarn to hang around the winner’s neck.

One of the most innovative and contemporary dating sites, if I do say so myself, is Pi Q. This site allows you to only see your potential date after you have viewed his or her personality traits and interests. Take your time to get to know him or her, and put limits on the amount of time you spend with them initially. I like to get the deal-breaker questions out of the way early on, but save topics such as religion and politics for later.

This allows for a more comprehensive analysis of the person, rather than basing your opinion on looks alone. You want to find a person that’s compatible with your true self, not with someone you are pretending to be. Sometimes, the wrong topic of conversation can start you off on an awkward foot.